That bossy little Junco said I had to write something today, so here I am. I have a few more questions from girls with sexy names (LOL…I’m not biased, swear) so let’s start with them. And don’t mind my chewing as I type, I’m fucking hungry and it was Isten’s turn to cook, but the bastard took off with Tier to get some 4-by parts for his rock crawler to get it ready for this competition in Texas next month. Assholes. I totally would’ve went too, but fucking Junco said I owed her a blog post and the place closes at 7. Assholes.

Anyway, Samantha (yeah, like that cute little witch from that old ass TV show, the one who twinkles her nose. The only thing better than Samantha is Jeannie…she’s got a much hotter outfit.) So Samantha asks: Why do you and Tier look so much alike?

Good questions. Damn these girls ask great questions. Tier and I are brothers, well in an avian sort of way. We come from the same clutch, were fostered at the same time, got kicked out of foster at the same time, morphed together, then did Fledge together and the rest is history. The important part of that, as far as why we look so much alike, is that we come from the same clutch. This essentially means we have the same genetics. Except Tier’s been gifted a lot of shit I haven’t. But I have a much cooler personality, so that makes up for it. Plus, really, I’m much better looking.

Ok, next question comes from Violet, which is totally sexy is an old-fashioned kinda way. Violet asks: How does Tier makes his wings heal people? Another excellent question. All avians have some sort of gift based on what cluster they are in. Since Tier is a warrior in Aves Cluster (which is our military) he has self-healing powers like all warriors. But he also has extra healing powers that can be transferred to others. Simple.

OK, that’s it. I hear Isten’s big mouth in the living room so I’m gonna go check out those crawler parts and finish my ham sandwich and chips.

Until next time,